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Strengthen communication and collaboration to accelerate the construction devel
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October 8, Chongzuo organizations to enhance coordination and promote state-level scenic spots left Huashan Scenic River held a special construction of tourism infrastructure will be. Municipal Committee, Publicity Department, Deputy Mayor Feng Xuejun requested at the meeting, to Strengthen communication and cooperation, accelerate the pace of project construction, and promote the development of tourist attractions Zuojiang. Hyperion Municipal People's Congress, deputy director of agriculture, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Tang Yuling attended the meeting. At the meeting, Feng Xuejun scenic Lijiang River to the left terminal, Huashan Whitewater terminals and terminals and road construction and other projects, to the owners of units and the relevant county (district) and the relevant units and departments to learn more about the difficulties related to the progress, Consultation with relevant departments to solve the financial arrangements for the project and the procedures for processing. Feng Xuejun that left Huashan River scenic area scenic tourist infrastructure is a national project, the construction of the Central Government attaches great importance to this project, which is to accelerate the development of tourism Chongzuo good opportunity. Feng Xuejun requirements, the project owner and the relevant county (district), and units to implement the consensus reached in consultation meetings, the concrete implementation of the project's every detail, and effectively speed up construction projects. To simplify the relevant procedures, plus overtime Point, the procedures for good projects. Tourism Bureau, as the owners of units to further clarify ideas, to actively communicate with relevant departments to report and obtain more support. At the same time, we must strengthen reporting to the superiors of the The difficulties and problems are resolved timely and coordinated, jointly promote the project.