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Qingdao news network: Jin Ding, deduce the beautiful acme of high mountain eyeb
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Look on Jin Ding " flying waterfall cloud " , billow sea of clouds sometimes have diarrhoea crosses a hillside, gallop like flying waterfall, swiftly ground enclothed oasis; Extend Xiang Tian time from oasis silently again sometimes, connect with blue sky. Hill resembles the Gonggaxue of far the islands in the sea of clouds, the chromaticness that then glittering and translucent get rid of appears, it is the most beautiful jade also cannot be rivalled. The line of sight slants a little east, it is hill of mysterious made of baked clay house, the outline of that hill is like a tremendous China to rest hill type construction, imprint lightly horizon.

Hill of high mountain eyebrow is a simple and honest big hill, a rich big hill, only area of core scene area with respect to 154 square kilometer, vegetation exuberance, water is enough. Perhaps because of hill of high mountain eyebrow thick, ability be pregnant with her rich sex, deduced her " one hill has 10 lis of the four seasons, different days " flowery canto. You experience associate overcast and rainy unbroken in break through cloud layer, the universal time of ice and snow that will to shed key point of full sunshine, silver-colored brilliance the sort of excitement? Your experience wanders between the sea of clouds too disconsolate, see Buddha is smooth suddenly, instantly is your place oneself inside aureola of a 7 colour the sort of magical dizziness happily again? Scene of snow of high mountain eyebrow also is you are unthinkable, the green hill of Zhongshan area or stretch to the horizon is wild, and became white snow world to high mountain area...

Hill of high mountain eyebrow is called on the history " shake dawns the first hill " , one of birthplace that her since Ba Shuwen changes, it is Ba Shuwen turns important assemble land and one of radiation land, the scholar that has too numerous to mention one by one has arrived high mountain eyebrow, keep the ceremony support of too numerous to mention one by one.