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Colour of 600 much Guangdong civilian be about to fly hill of the eyebrow that
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Guangdong saves welfare lottery to issue a center to roll out " Fu Caishuang chromosphere, sichuan love swims " activity, get wide variety civilian, of area of scene of hill of eyebrow of high mountain of Guangdong nation force, Sichuan support energetically. Colour of 600 much Guangdong civilian be about to set foot on " the brigade of love " .
Recently, the enthusiasm that city of author make one's rounds discovers to colour civilian buys double chromosphere is very rising. Be in Guangzhou city one betting station, colour civilian Mr Lu tells the author: "Pool of double chromosphere award is big, add have recently ' Fu Caishuang chromosphere, sichuan love swims ' activity, buy lottery to still can get travel chance, where is what is there against it? And hill of high mountain eyebrow is his very yearning place all the time. " many betting station owner still consider a few variety civilian be afraid that the trouble is not willing to mail, in " Sichuan swims " during the activity, establish inside the station collect a place temporarily, help colour civilian had arranged the envelope that enters an activity, send city blessing colour the center centrally next.
As a result of this " Sichuan swims " big, time grows dimensions, make the propaganda of each city hot explode, the summer that makes this burning hot added a few minutes of burning hot flavor. Each city to welcome this activity, did propagandist banner in succession, printed placard of envelope of each distinctive answering question, conduct propaganda, the place that centers in the crowd and each betting station distribute propagandist sheet, the information that allows this second activity delivers every every. City of a lot of ground more through large gush picture gong and drum publicizes a car, in the car on two side paste " Fu Caishuang chromosphere, love Sichuan swims " wait for an activity to publicize catchphrase, undertake to prefectural area and villages and towns itinerate is publicized deep, make more urban and rural dwellers understand this second activity, make " Fu Caishuang chromosphere, love Sichuan swims " make this summer the most beautiful beautiful scenery.
Since this activity since beginning, share the prize that sign up through all sorts of means civilian in an endless stream, the time signing up of this activity begins from August 15. On September 30 (it is with indicia accurate) end after end signing up, colour of blessing of each district city issues a center to reclaim all eligible letter are intimate 20000, make public lottery at grand lottery ceremony will be being held in Guangzhou on October 10. Elicit 540 lucky cheer in all civilian, increase staff of blessing colour center in all 600 more than person is about to form 30 groups, below the guiding of Guangdong nation force, with hill of eyebrow of Sichuan Chengdu, high mountain, Le Shan is gone to group by group since October 21, Jiang Yan is begun " the brigade of love " . Outside the beautiful view that represents in order to high eyebrow hill is besides appreciation Sichuan, "The brigade of love " the member still will arrive Jiang Yan and other places is condolatory and stricken be hit by a natural adversity community, home of respect for the aged and school. (author: Why to build)
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