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Gold carries cupreous tablet on the head
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[Jin Dingtong tablet] Jin Dingtong tablet is bright casting of the place when clever peak a Buddhist monk builds Jindian between 10 thousand past years. The front engraves Wang Yuzong " high Shanyongminghua hides a temple to build cupreous hall to write down greatly " , the reverse side engraves Fu Guang curtilage " Jin Dianbei of Shan Puxian of high mountain eyebrow " . This tablet epitaph parts the word of Zhu Suiliang of big calligrapher of Tang Dynasty of the sum of Wang Xi of calligrapher of collect Jin Daida, solid belong to not easy. Tablet is 2.28 meters tall, 83 centimeters wide, thick 17 centimeters, tablet cap acts the role of design of 2 Long Huzhu anaglyph, tablet face smooth but ancient bronze mirror, it is the archaic copper tablet that entire mountain puts only, for Shan Zhongzhen expensive cultural relic.