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General of all ages temple virtuous bronze
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[Pu Xiantong of all ages temple resembles] Pu Xianqi of all ages temple offers temple of all ages of hill of high mountain eyebrow not to have Liang Zhuandian like cupreous iron figure of Buddha inside, department Northen Song Dynasty Song Taizong dispatch makes cast, protect an unit for countrywide key cultural relic. Connect 7.35 meters tall, make an appointment with 62 tons again. Pu Xian head wears hat of 5 Buddha gold, hold flexibly, sit over lotus throne elephantine a back, 2 eye are smooth inspect, the lip is small piece, be like in to person view. Elephant thick bazoo is long hang down, limb is hale, visual ahead, be like the travel before be about to initiate a step, send big person downhill do missionary work. 4 walls and top of upper part arched roof give bricky hall 24 honour circles become aware iron figure of Buddha is mixed 303 honour Xiaotie figure of Buddha, bodhisattva of implied meaning Pu Xian leads 3000 spouses to be in view of hill of high mountain eyebrow.