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Emperor accumulates curfew
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[emperor accumulates curfew]Yuan Cunsheng accumulates a temple, put today dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland temple phoenix fort " emperor accumulates curfew " inside booth. This bell is Ming Jiajing 43 years (1564) division casts Bie Chuanchan, tall 2. 3 meters, caliber 2 meters, suttle 12. 5 tons, those who have Ba Shuzhong king praise. On quarter " A is contained classics " (part) about 6 Buddha Ji. 10 thousand more than word, it is the valuable data that studies buddhism of hill of high mountain eyebrow. This bell just is knocked in the evening, plan 108 noise, eliminate common people 108 kinds of trouble. Monk edge knocks at an edge to attend congratulatory speech. Ding is sonorous, all round 10 lis in can hear, form a kind of person and natural and harmonious interesting picture.

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